How to be a great Sales person

      Selling is a life skill. you will find your self in a selling situations all the time even if you don’t work directly in sales, whether it’s standing out in a crowd, selling yourself to a new employer, or trying to convince a prospect . Sales is the main engine of every business.

If you are an entrepreneur launching a new business, or trying to get a new job,or sales person trying to capture your critical customers  to blow a way your quota ; In this experience we are going to build and use a very strong high impact sales tools to have a great sales process. through out this journey that i have inspired from Carig Wortmann’s Customer segmentation and prospect course we are going to learn to be effective and efficient at any situation you may face and go the extra mile to accomplish that goal you have set your heart to.

  •        First is first: SET A GOAL:-

To evaluate the rightness of your goal you can use the ( SMART) criteria ,( SMART) stands for the first letter of (Specific, Measurable, Attainable , Relevant and Reachable, Time Bound) it means that you must set a specific goal it has to be measurable , attainable ,reachable within a set due date. then measure your progress applying SMART to your goal  . Now make sure to put that goal at your sight where ever you go make sure that you can see it ,write it down , hold your self accountable to this goal and always keep it in your mind this will surly motivate you to get up to work every day.

  •  Knowledge _ Skill_discipline :-

High performance selling is achieved through the proper balance of knowledge, skill, and discipline .basically these three are the foundation of your strong impact selling personality,it’s not exclusive to selling actually it’s for your entire life . often sales persons tend to manifest knowledge in a way that could be overwhelming to their prospects, we talk too much about our company or our product to the point that when a group of people had been asked to describe sales person they describe us as aggressive, helpful, manipulative, pushy, relentless persistent and so on ,where the same group had been asked to describe an advisor they describe them as trusted, listener, knowledgeable, empathy, and dedicated .so to present your knowledge in the best way DON’T talk too much and choose the right time and way to deliver your knowledge and always LISTEN.Listening is both skill and discipline that I really want to highlight and we well explore a lot later on.

After listening you need to be a great presenter to convince your prospect with your product . Presenting is alot of SKILLS put together in a way that makes you the one to close that deal .

In order to be a great presenter you have to be prepared . preparation is a DISCIPLINE and a really important tool hat helps you to be at your most comfort to present your idea or product in the best way.

REMEMBER what will make you a true high  performance sales person is to get your secret recipe of compining yet know to separate knowledge , skill, and discipline.

Approach ( TELL A STORY):

Once you get your sales tools you now need to decide the right approach to each prospect ( try to train a lot first ) , trust me you don’t want to go and jump right into the conversation with no bach story , no context, no reason to get the prospect attension and care. as a sales person build a relationships and trust is the key point is to make the prospect engaging and care to what you offer , to do so you have to build trust and a good relationship with them , one of the greatest and effective way to do so is STORIES . whether it’s a story or just approaching prospect with some context , reasons, explanations  , and maybe a question to get them to interact with you.   STORY is always a very usefull key.


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