Streamline Your Dental Clinic Operations with Balsam Medico’s Integration with Nabidh

In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, seamless data exchange and efficient management systems are crucial for dental clinics to thrive. That’s why we are thrilled to announce our integration with the DHA Nabidh unified EMR. With Balsam Medico‘s clinic management system seamlessly integrated with Nabidh, dental clinics can now achieve compliance, enhance patient care, and embrace • Read More »

What’s new in the latest Balsam Medico (1.7.4)

Because we in the Balsam family care about every detail of the customer and always strive to achieve the best for our customers and meet all your desires, we are happy to share with you our latest release updates in Medico Balsam. The following are the most important features in Medico Balsam 1.7. Medical alert • Read More »

What’s new in Balsam Medico 1.2.0

A new year, and a new version of Medico. We have a lot to share with you, so buckle up! The new and updated Dental Chart The biggest new changes in this version is the dental chart. Here are the details: Teeth Surfaces Treatments can now be configured to target a set of tooth surfaces • Read More »