Best practices

DTOs and The Many Subclasses Problem

Last week was exciting. We got to work on our first issues in the projects we were assigned to. As I mentioned in the previous post, I worked on Link project, specifically on the server side of the project. The week started with a sprint meeting where a number of issues (tasks) were determined and • Read More »

Overview of DTO

It’s the last week in October which means it’s my last week as an Intern at Narbase. It’s already been three months, the time flew very fast and it was such a journey. And from now on instead of writing these posts as an Intern I will be writing these posts as a full-time mobile • Read More »

Clean Code

It’s an amazing feeling when you see your app is coming to life and more features and decorations are added to it every day to make it better, and we are very close to the first fully functional version of the app. Last week Islam and Hind decided to get rid of the RecyclerView that • Read More »

Good Practices

Last week we did our first sprint review meeting, basically is a discussion about the tasks of the previous week, which tasks were finished and which tasks were not and why, and if their any problems facing any member of the team and how to deal with those problems, and also show the business owner • Read More »